Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Canada Day! (alright, a day late, but whatever)

Yesterday we spend the day here, at Lock 8 in Port Colborne (Ontario) - they had their 13th annual Classic Car Show where they were also raising money for the Sick Kids Hospital. My hubby being the car buff that he is, wanted to go check it out, so we took the drive...
Well, naturally, we went a little camera happy with all the cars (he took many pictures of mostly the Impalas and Corvettes) but I wanted to post a couple pics of the cars I thought were just kitchy... This first one I thought was cute because it's got that '50s roller-skate-diner plate hanging out the side window...
... and this one I thought to be particularily bad-ass because of the whole skull theme he had designed into it. Rather cool, no?
Anyway, despite all the driving around that we did, it was overall a great Canada Day, and I managed to not get a sunburn! (Now there's a big surprise!) We ended the day last night with fireworks in Port Credit, which was very stellar.

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