Monday, April 26, 2010

I've been a bad blogger...

... I've been much too distracted doing pretty much anything else, so, sorry. But, catching up today is better late than never.

DH and I have started the ball rolling with getting the garage done this year. It's falling apart, and it's something we should've done last year. Again, better late than never. It's unfortunately going to cost a small fortune... but one of those necessary evils. Fingers crossed, it'll be up by the end of July at the very latest - but a part of me is hoping it'll be up by the end of June.

Also, my parents are planning on coming over for 3 weeks. They'll be here for the last week of June. There's a wedding happening during Canada Day weekend that we're all invited to, and I'm working on a shawl that I may wind up wearing to it. I'm just finishing up on the edging atm.

More knitting projects... I've been working on a few items for my etsy shop and am starting to refill it, since it's been virtually empty since xmas. I also - believe it or not - have started knitting for xmas 2010. Because I'm that neurotic. I know. Just a couple small gifts for my neice and nephew for now. But I really like getting those out of the way a.s.a.p. ... and pictures to follow once I get those finished.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

another pattern published!

Just got my keelhauled scarf published @ ... :) woo hooo!