Friday, July 6, 2007

I gots me my yarn swap package!

The pal I had for the yarn swap I organized was Marion and I absolutely lurve what I've received! I've one skein of bamboo yarn (the Opal) and the Trekking - both very cool varitaged sock yarns! woot!
She also quite skillfully sewed together two cases for dpns, and included a set of wooden 2.5 mm dpns to knit these two skeins up! (the rolled paper to the left is the instructions she found to make the dpn cases, handy!) I envy anyone who can manage to sew, and I adore what I've received! Thanks, Marion!


Snapdragons said...

Oo. What are the color numbers for those yarns?

knitphomaniac said...

Trekking's colour number is 123, opal's is 1992