Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sock Monkey Fingers Popped Out (wrist warmers)

Inspired by those socks that sock monkeys are made from, I wanted to make wrist warmers with that sort of style. (And I need another pair of sock warmers to add to my collection!) In case you're wondering, my DH came up with the title of this pattern. :)

Size: adult. The ribbing makes it stretchy, so this should fit pretty much any hand size. Entire mitt, from top of finger to bottom of arm, measures approx 7.5 inches (19.5cm).

- Patons Classic Wool in Winter White, Grey Mix, and Bright Red. 3.5oz/100grams per skein, 223 yards/204 meters each.
- 1 set (4) 4.5mm/US 7 dpn's
- an extra set of dpn's to hold fingers that are put aside; also making the second pair @ the same time if you wish
- a small crochet hook to weave in ends
- scissors
- measuring tape

Tension: 20 sts, 26 rows = 10cm/4" in stockinette stitch; 24 sts, 26 rows = 10cm/4" in K2, P2 ribbing using 4.5mm/US 7 needles

Fingers: (index, middle, an ring finger)
1) Cast on 14 sts in Winter White. Divide on 3 needles. Do not knit first row, but tie on Bright Red. (Leave white, it'll be carried through the middle for the next stripe.)
2) Knit 2 rows in the round with Bright Red. Carry through Winter White, tying off red.
3) Knit 4 rows in the round with Winter White.
4) Devide stitches evenly back to 2 needles (7 on front needle, 7 on back) and cut white, leaving a 1 inch (2 cm) tail.

Pinky Finger: same instruction as fingers, but made over 12 sts. When finished, divide on 2 needles (6 on front, 6 on back) and put aside.

Thumb: same instruction as fingers, but made over 16 sts. When finished, divide on 2 needles (8 on front, 8 on back) and put aside.

To join:
1) Arrange 3 fingers and pinky finger on 2 dpn's. Pinky, ring and middle finger tails should be between fingers, index finger tail faces out. Add a 3rd dpn to make it easier to knit in the round.
2) Tie Grey Mix yarn with index finger's tail, and knit the first round as follows: k6, *k2tog, k5* 3x, k10, *k2tog, k5* 3x. (48 sts) Place marker to note beginning.
3) Next row, k2, p2 around. Use 1" tails and small crochet hook to weave closed the gaps between the fingers. Tie securely so it doesn't undo.
4) Continue in k2, p2 ribbing for 2 inches. (13 rows)
5) When doing your last ribbing row, do so around except for last stitch - it's going to be p2tog with thumb's first stitch.
6) On thumb: keep the stitches divided in two and add on to your dpn's. With grey, p2tog last grey stitch and first white stitch, knit across white stitches except for last, and k2tog last white stitch with first grey stitch. Use 1" tail and crochet hook to close the gap between thumb and hand. Place marker just before p2tog and just after k2tog.
7) Continue in k2, p2 ribbing pattern for 1 round. Rearrange stitches on needles to make it easier.

Decrease rounds:
8) a) On row 1: Continue to p2tog or k2tog just after or just before stitch markers to decrease thumb gusset. You may have to knit a purled stitch or purl a knit stitch to keep this pattern.
b) On row 2: knit the knit stitches, purl the purl stitches w/o any decreases.
9) Repeat #8 5 more times. (48 sts)
10) Rib 7 more rows around, redividing the stitches on the needles.

Finishing rounds:
11) Add Winter White, *k10, k2tog* around. (44 sts)
12) Knit 1 row around.
13) Bind off loosely.

Don't forget to make a second wrist warmer! Making two at the same time - at least for me - saves a bit of time.

Variation: make gloves in k1, p1 ribbing instead of k2, p2. The decreases are a bit tricky but turn out nicely. To decrease at thumb, mark off the (now) 14 sts. (Two were decreased when binding the thumb into the glove.) Make glove in the round, but at thumb:
Row 1: For the first four sts, switch stitches around so that on the needle, instead of it being k1, p1, k1, p1, it’s k2, p2. (The purled stitch is moved behind to go with the next purl stitch.) Then, k2tog, p2tog. K1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, then repeat the decrease with the last 4 sts.
Row 2: K1, p1 around.
Row 3: Make the decrease as in row 1 for the first 4 sts; then k1, p1, and make the decrease with last 4 sts.
Row 4: K1, p1 around.
Row 5: Mark the middle of the hand on the other side of the wrist, opposite thumb. Make the decrease (as in row 1) on that side of the glove. Continue in pattern around, and at thumb, switch with first four stitches to decrease, finishing by k1, p1 for the last two stitches.

Row 6: K1, p1 around.

There will be enough grey yarn to make 2 pairs of these wrist warmers. You can queue this pattern on here if you wish!

© 2007 by Sabrina Thompson - original design and pictures. Please do not sell pattern or materials made thereof, or copy my pictures. Pattern cannot be distributed for sale, or as a 'free pattern' promotional tool for selling yarn or knitting supplies. If posting Finished Items on personal blogs, please link back to this blog and pattern, thanks. :D

A variation, essentially the glove with an added actual sock monkey head, can be found on yoelknit's blog, Sock Monkey Heads For Gloves. They're actually very cute!


Judith said...

Fantastic! Thanks for this pattern. I love that they are knit from the fingers down.

sunneshine said...

oh, goodness those are so CUTE!! What a wonderful idea - and thanks for sharing the pattern!!

Crochetoholic Debb said...

Really cute...

megin said...

these are so fabulous! Must make them for my sock-monkey-loving pal.

SweetLilSis said...

Must make myself a pair. Sock monkey lover here.

Anne said...

These would go great with the pattern "CLIMB" socks from the Book "JOURNEY" by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook