Monday, March 5, 2007

new baby hats for March ~ and mastering the new digital camera

Well, boys and their toys ~ my husband was on a 'new digital camera' kick, so we finally picked one up as a Christmas gift for ourselves. I must admit, the pictures with this new one are much crisper; the only problem I have is that I have to re-teach myself on using a new digital camera program. It's a bit of getting used to (I hate change!) but it's alright.

Lately, everyone that I know is getting knocked up, so I'm surrounded with a bit of baby fever, which inspired me to start knitting for those with wee ones on the way... I've got a baby blanket that I'm nearly done and will soon post online to sell, but in the meantime, I've these hats (to fit 6 months old or so) done...
Another Stitch n' Bitch pattern, these Umbilical Cord hats ~ I thought ~ were just peachy. I had a ball of Patons Canadiana Orange that has been sitting in my knitting basket for months which was itching to be used. (I still have some left! arg!)
The first two hats look (to me) a bit punk-rockery, which is kinda nice, and my obsession with Halloween needed me to knit this baby pumpkin hat. Unable to find a suitable leaf pattern, I improvised my own.

To knit a leaf: green worsted weight yarn, 5mm knitting needles. Cast on 3 stitches, knit first row. Row two: knit, add 1 stitch at the end. Repeat for rows 3 and 4. Knit 3 rows. Each row afterwards: Knit row, k last 2tog until 2 sts remain. K2tog, bind off. Voila, a new leaf!


Jen said...

Love that pumpkin hat

nath said...

I would like to have the pattern of the new baby hat, please?
thanks a lot in advance

knitphomaniac said...

They're in the book Stitch n Bitch - they're the Umbilical Cord hat - if you want the pattern, you're gonna have to buy the book.

Bumble Bath said...

What great hats! Thanks for the leaf pattern.