Thursday, July 12, 2007

just my luck...

I already pay a pretty decent fee for keeping my store stocked with regular store inventory, so I usually wait until a 'discount day' to list 7 day auction items - a day where the regular rate isn't 41 cents or whatever, but less, whatever their promotion is.

So, I waited and waited, and weeks went by, and I got no notice. So I went ahead last tuesday and posted some items. Yesterday, of course, I get an email that there's a discount listing day for today! It's almost like ebay is waiting for me to list auction items, then have the discount listing day two days later! It's a conspiracy! lol!

Anway, I still took advantage of it and listed a few yarn lots. They're only for a few skeins each, but there's a good colour variety. In case anyone's interested, here they are...

Many of the colours listed are in my regular inventory at regular price (for under $2/skein) but these lots were put together with yarn that I don't normally carry. Bid away, help me make a bit of room in my office! Thanks! :)

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