Monday, September 22, 2008

wrapped gift dishcloth

IMO, an 8" square dishcloth or bigger was always a bit too big for my own use, so I wanted to create a size a bit more comfortable. Plus, I can more comfortably make 2 or 3 dishcloths from 1 skein of yarn, since it's a smaller size.

needed: 1 pair 4.5mm knitting needles, 0.6oz/19grams red cotton
(I used Lily Sugar n Cream in 'red' - 3 dishcloths can be made with 1 skein with a bit left over)

finished size: 7" x 7", blocked, 6.5"x6.5" unblocked

CO 32 sts.

Make 4 rows of seed (or moss) stitch: Row 1 - K1, P1 across; Row 2 - Knit the purled sts, Purl the knit sts.

Follow the chart for the next 31 rows, by knitting the white squares and purling the red squares on RS, and purling the white squares and knitting the red squares on WS.

Continue the seed (or moss) stitch on 4 sts of both sides of the dishcloth.

Finish by making 4 more rows of seed stitch, and BO in pattern.

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