Thursday, December 30, 2010

the Dude no longer abides

Last year, you may or may not remember, I designed a Dude sweater from scratch mainly for my brother for his birthday (Sept). For a first attempt at designing a sweater, I must admit, not bad. But, truthfully, not as movie accurate as I could've hoped.

Just as luck would have it, after literally years of looking for a dude sweater to buy or for free, exactly 7 days after I posted my pattern online and for sale (& 4 days after my brother's birthday), someone had designed a much better Dude sweater, more movie accurate than mine, and in a better variety of sizes.

To be honest, I was both heartbroken and a little jealous. But truthfully, nothing more. Had I simply known to wait for 3 more months, I could've used her pattern to knit her version for my brother for xmas.

Sales for my pattern did fairly well I must admit. No complaints really, as far as I know. Although I did have ppl that needed a bit of clarification on certain parts of my design, those who admited that clarification was needed, I did my best to help, and as far as I know, those were made without a hitch.

Sadly though the two projects completed on ravelry of my design weren't pleased, and for different reasons. In part, I believe, had to do with later realizing that they could've saved the purchase price to go with the free design, which is understandable. In part for other reasons, but I'm sure that was a good one.

I do admire the quality of the free pattern though, and anyone who is willing to give a project as detailed as a lace shawl or adult sized sweater as a free pattern, in itself, is fairly awesome & generous. :) The FO's of her design all look really great, and I look forward to get a crack at it eventually, although I think I'll avoid the work of sewing on a zipper the next time and go with a button-up version instead!