Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fusion Scarf

Size: adult
Finished measurements: approximately 4.75” (12cm) wide, 26” (66.5cm) long, laying flat (in half) and unblocked.

Materials needed:
½ skein Patons Classic Merino Wool (100% pure new wool; 223yds/204m, 100g/3.5oz skein); colour: Forest
2 skeins Patons Classic Merino Wool (100% pure new wool; 223yds/204m, 100g/3.5oz skein); colour: Camel
8mm/US 11 straight needles

Tension in pattern: approx 18 stitches = 4” (10cm)
Terms used in this pattern: BO2 (bind off or cast off 2); m2 (make 2)

Hold together 1 strand of Camel, and 1 strand of Forest, and whole holding two together, CO 24 sts.
Next row: holding two yarns together, *k2, p2* across.
Repeat ribbing pattern, with these two colours for 13 inches (33.5cm). Next row: Switch Forest yarn to Camel, so that you are now knitting 2 strands of Camel together; continue in ribbing pattern for 3 inches (8cm).
Spacer Row: *k2, bo2 in pattern* across to last stitch, k1.
Next row: K1, make 1, *p2, m2* across to last 2 sts, p2.
Continue in ribbing pattern for 18 more inches.
Next row: repeat Spacer Row.
Fold scarf without twisting it, so that 1st rows of spaces lign up with second row of spacers; it’s going to be offset by a stitch, so that the stitches that remain on the second spacer row lign up where you’ve bound off in the 1st spacer row.
To weave together: k1, make 1, *bring left needle through next space, p2, m2* across to end. Continue in k2, p2 ribbing for 3 inches (8cm).
Replace 1 strand of Camel coloured yarn with Forest, and continue in ribbing pattern for remaining 13 inches (33.5cm). BO in pattern, weave in ends.

© 2008 by Sabrina Thompson - original design and pictures. Please do not sell pattern or materials made thereof, or copy my pictures. Pattern cannot be distributed for sale, or as a 'free pattern' promotional tool for selling yarn or knitting supplies. If posting Finished Items on personal blogs, please link back to this blog and pattern, thanks. :D

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