Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cabled Galaxy Scarf

1 pair 6.5mm (US 10-1/2) needles
1 cable needle
2 skeins Bernat Galaxy, each in a different colour (or more, if you wish a longer scarf) 77% acrylic, 8% polyester, 7.5% alpaca, 7.5% mohair. 1-3/4 ounces (50 grams) 60 yards.

tension: 11 stitches = 4"/10cm on size 6.5mm (US 10-1/2) needles
1) Pick the darker shade of Galaxy as your MC (main colour), and the lighter as CC (complimentary colour).

2) Cast on 18 sts with MC. Knit 5 rows.

3) Knit 9 stitches. Tie in CC, finish knitting the last 9 sts with cc. From this point on, knit all MC sts with MC, and all CC sts with CC.

4) Knit the first 3 sts of the next row. Purl 12 sts. Knit the last 3 sts.

5) Knit the next row.

6) Repeat step 4.

7) Repeat step 5, but incorporate cable with center 6 sts as follows: Place 3 sts (MC) on cable needle, hold in front; knit the next 3 sts (CC), knit the 3 sts on your cable needle in MC, and finish knitting across in CC.

8) Continue knitting rows 4-8 until desired lenth.

9) Finish scarf by knitting 5 rows of CC, tying off MC.

Try to use up as much yarn per skein as possible to avoid partial skeins. The length of the scarf is up to you. The two shades of Galaxy I used were Mercury (black/gray) and Mars (red).

© 2008 by Sabrina Thompson - original design and pictures. Please do not sell pattern or copy my pictures. Pattern cannot be distributed for sale, or as a 'free pattern' promotional tool for selling yarn or knitting supplies. If posting Finished Items on personal blogs, please link back to this blog and pattern, thanks. :D

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