Thursday, June 28, 2007

I received another swap gift!

As it turns out, Robyn had me for another swap - for the notions bag swap as well! What were the odds?
Anyway, my gifts were wonderfully cool - I think that the bright orange notions bag will suit my summer knitting, and the funky retro pink/brown dpn's case will be stellar for my sock knitting! I also love the fact that Robyn was thoughtful enough to add that polkadot ribbon to attatch my stitch markers to as well! (super clever!)
I've got the Quebec magnet on my fridge to add to my collection! Thanks again Robyn!


Knitting Mama said...

I really really really wanted to find you a Montreal magnet, but I couldn't find one at all! I searched everywhere. I need to go to a "touristy" shop by the old port to find one. I may be going Sat night for dinner, so if I find one, I'll send it. I am not a seperatiste, so do not think that please! I'm very much english - not french! LOL... so yeah! But I do live in the Province of Qc, so it's the only magnet I could find at the moment, that wasn't "CANADA" - which you live in... so that didn't suit purpose!

I'm glad you love my DPN case... it was my first attempt at them.

Yey for being paired up again! :)

I hope you'll join my fall stitch marker swaps, sign ups are until August 31st.

knitphomaniac said...

it's hard finding magnets of your city, I had to do a bit of searching too for this swap. And don't worry, I didn't at all think that you were a seperatiste! :) I authentically liked what I've received!

And you were right in your note, the bright orange absolutely suits me!