Saturday, December 23, 2006

Use Any Yarn crocheted gloves

These are wickedly easy to make, which is why I love them.
Materials: 1 ball of yarn, any tension, and appropriate crochet hook recommended for the swatch.
+++ Work from the top down. +++
1) SC enough stitches to wrap around your fingers semi-loosely. Join.
2) Chain 2 (this counts as first dc). DC (double crochet) around in each sc, join.
3) Repeat step two until dc rounds to cover at least from your first knuckle to your thumb.
4) Keeping the yarn joined, sc enough chains to go around your thumb. Join 2nd or 3rd on a dc from the last row from beg. Continue to dc on sc stitches for thumb.
5) Repeat step two for one round.
6) Next round: Repeat step two, but dc2tog just before joining at the end of the round.
7) Repeat step 5 and 6 three more times.
8) Repeat step 2 for at least 1 inch for wrist.
I, being as maticulous as I am, did both at the same time to ensure that they're both exactly the same, although what's great about varigated yarn is that it almost seems like they're mismatched, but they're still cool. And yet warm!


futuregirl said...

Great pattern. I think I need to try this one out. :) It gets pretty cold typing in here in the winter (not like I can remember that ... it's been so hot here lately).

send me a message said...

this is great! I'm going to try a pair in light material for hot weather in Singapore. it's going to be a fashion statement. can i share this with my friends?

Helby said...

I'm making these today during my lunch break. My hands are like ice! :o)

denise, the prime magpie said...

CUTE. I love orange, and the colors are such a cheery thing to have on dreary days. Fingerless gloves are the best -- hard to find stuff in one's purse or talk on the phone with regular gloves.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

New crocheter and am confused by step #4: "Join 2nd or 3rd on a dc from the last row from beg. Continue to dc on sc stitches for thumb." Am I joining this loop as though I'm going onto the next round (left of the ch) or backward (right of the ch)?

knitphomaniac said...

you're joining two stitches together to make one, therefore decreasing that round by one stitch. I'm not sure how else you mean.

Gastarbajterica said...

Hey, I also don't get the number 4, what does it mean to keep the yarn joined and sc enough chains? where does that go, how do you do it?

Marsha Andersen said...

I think #4 means 'chain enough to circle thumb loosely. Then attach each chain as you go up so that the chain becomes part of you glove. Picture it in your head and only read one step at a time, do that step then read next. If you read too much you get lost Hope that helps.