Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more knitting done!

I finished another pair of fetching ... this pair is for my sister in law, for her birthday in August.  She's a runner, and had said that she frequetly runs early in the morning where it's sometimes cool or cold. Well, naturally not now in the summer, but these'll work well for when autumn rolls around.
I made a couple adjustments to the pattern: there's an extra cable repeat to the bottom and top part, plus I accidentally knit four more rows than required between the thumb and first cable... which is fine, I think, since that part of the pattern is short and her hands are long.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

dog sweaters!

When I posted a few days ago that I was collecting dog sweaters for local shelters, I didn't think I would get a response so quickly! But, I already received a package from Anna over at puppypocket on etsy! She included these 5 lovely sweaters and some doggie treats: which are super lovely! Thanks so much!

... which are super lovely! Thanks so much!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

two mug cozies, finished

I just finished knitting this pair of mug cozies for my parents in law, who are avid tea drinkers. The pattern can be downloaded from ravelry here - where it also details how to adjust the pattern for a French press... but since my inlaws don't have one, the mug cozies will do just fine! I absolutely heart how these turned out, and I managed to eat through more of my huge stash of Elann Peruvian Wool! woo hoo! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

collecting dog sweaters for local animal shelters

I started doing this a bit last year, but really didn't keep up with it, I think partially because I started too late in the year. But, this year, I think I'll need to start a bit earlier.

I've got three very local animal shelters, who would gladly take in knitted or crocheted dog sweaters - one that is local to me in Mississauga, and two others that are local to family members who live within Ontario but at least an hour's drive from me. I'd like to be able to collect @ least 20 sweaters per shelter - so a total of 60 at least. Although knitted or crocheted sweaters are prefered, any sort of dog sweaters would be greatly appreciated, as long as it's warm.

The sweaters must:
- wrap around the dog's front legs. No cape-style sweaters.
- made from a warm, machine washable yarn or fabric. If it’s not machine dryable, that’s ok, but at least machine washable. Many dogs are rescued in the winter and suffer from frostbite and hypothermia, so a warm fiber content would be needed for these dogs
- fit a 60lb dog or smaller. There's no minimum size, but anything that would fit up to a 60lb dog would be ideal.
- knitted or crocheted doesn't matter, but please nothing lacey or with big spaces in them. If you're making something with granny squares, make sure that it's a more 'closed' pattern. We're aiming more for warmth rather than pretty. 
All sweaters must be submitted to me by September 30, 2010.

To get my mailing address, please email me at purplespirit1 {at} hotmail {dot} com ... or via ravelry - I'm knitphomaniac there.

Some examples of this size dog (up to 60lbs) can be found here and here.

Thanks. :)