Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Twisted Ladder Scarf

(pattern free for a limited time)

Materials: 3 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of Andes Bulky, in 'bare'
6mm (US10) straight needles, 2 pairs
a crochet hook, any size

Tension: yarn label shows 12-15sts =4" in stockinette

Size of scarf: approx 67" long after blocking excluding fringe, approx 5.5" wide (I made this length repeating the cable a total of 17 times, but it can be made longer with 3 skeins of this yarn.)

Cast on 27sts.
1st Row: K4, p2, k5, p5, k5, p2, k3, slip last stitch.
2nd Row: P4, k2, p5, k5, p5, k2, p3, slip last stitch.
repeat these two rows until 10 rows have been completed.

Pattern for body of scarf:
Row 1: K4, p2, using another ball of yarn and a seperate pair of needles, k5, turn, p5. Work another 12 rows on these 5 sts in stockinette stitch. Place on a stitch holder. Slip next 5 sts on a cable needle & hold back of work. Using another ball of yarn, k5, turn, p5, work another 12 rows in stockinette stitch, then place on a stitch holder. Knot these two strips on stitch holders as follows: put 2nd strip under the 1st then over the 1st. 

K5 stitches from the second strip (which is now the first strip) p5 sts from the cable needle, k5 sts from the next strip, then continue pattern to end of scarf.

Row 2: p4, k2, p5, k5, make 5, k2, p3, slip last stitch.
Rows 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13,: k4, p2, k5, p5, k5, p2, k3, slip last stitch.
Rows 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14,: p4, k2, p5, k5, p5, k2, p3, slip last stitch.

Repeat these 14rows until desired length, then rows 1-11 only. Bind off in pattern.

Cut yarn into fringe strands 14-15" long. I used 18 on each end. Fold in half, and use crochet hook to pass through each end of the scarf, and tie securely. Block as needed.

© 2010 by Sabrina Thompson - original design and pictures. Please do not sell pattern or materials made thereof, or copy my pictures. Pattern cannot be distributed for sale, or as a 'free pattern' promotional tool for selling yarn or knitting supplies. If posting Finished Items on personal blogs, please link back to this blog and pattern, thanks. This pattern is FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other of my patterns, please contact me by posting your questions in the comments, I'll address them a.s.a.p.!


knitphomaniac said...

Pattern has been fixed, yes you do k2tog across to join the stitches from the scarf to the ones on the needle. Thanks for pointing it out!

OhhoandBiGGs family said...

so cute , I love it.

jlbert said...

Do you cut the yarn after making each cable and then tie them together 2 make the knots. Because ur blot States 2 knit them 2gethr. Also u have make 5 on line 2 of the pattern but u do not need 2 make 5 when u have 27 stitches on the needle.

Eloise said...

HI, is it possible for you to make a pictorial or video of how you make the knots? I've been trying for quite a while and can't quite figure out :|
WIll really appreciate it!

knitphomaniac said...

I'm not sure how to make a tutorial video... but fwiw, the knots are just tied. You take the two strands of knitted fabric that you've made, and just tie once, as you would tie shoe laces, that's all. :) Hope that helps!