Friday, July 20, 2007

woo hoo! my punk rock gift came in the mail!

I received my Punk Rock Gift Exchange package from Marion yesterday! Can't have too much sock yarn! I love the colour! A new sock pattern (with beads!) will be a fun one to knit up, and I'll have to better master my hand at sewing in order to use the skulls-&-crossbones material she sent! Oh, and btw, I think the kitchy key chain is rather cool! :) Thanks!

oh, and just for kicks... I found this maze game which is kind of fun... tee hee... enjoy...

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Marion said...

I'm glad you like my package too. Now find a mini-sock pattern and knit the key chain a little sock ;-) You could just glue a seam in the fabric and drape it somewhere *lol*

Have fun, and thanx again for your great package too, It is great fun swapping with you.