Sunday, February 17, 2008

toronto's car show 2008

Granted these aren't knitting pictures, as my goal for this month was to post only knitting related finished objects. But, the hat I'm knitting is still a WIP and DH, DB and I spent the day yesterday at the car show in Toronto.

There are 60 pics all together of cars we all liked, but I thought to narrow it down to these few. There were a few cars I didn't get to photograph, due to the crowds around them and unable to get a clear shot.

DH got the opportunity to test drive the 4x4 track, which was his highlite of the day. I just loved the opportunity to sit during it, because we walked around 3 huge buildings full of cars! Even today my legs are still a bit sore.
My personal favourite cars there were the vintage ones, and I love flames, so those were my top pics, but DH and DB obviously were quite fascinated with the new models. Mike Holmes (from HGTV's Holmes on Homes) was there too, but the line up was much too long for a photo-op, oh well!



i love car's ...:) nice post... what's your car ?

Anonymous said...

I love your cars, they are cool, but what are they????? Soz, I don't know cars AT ALL!!!! But they look cool


a pontiac fiero ? ? ? i've italian cars you know italian cars ?