Thursday, February 14, 2008

breaking away from dishcloths a bit...

Just for kicks, instead of dishcloths today, I whipped up a pair of my Sock Monkey Fingers Popped Out fingerless mitts for the sake of using up the rest of the gray Patons Classic Wool I had left over from the last pair I made. By the way, still have a few yards of it left! Eeesh. This second pair got made. I used the variation in the pattern for this one - making them in the k1, p1 ribbing instead of the k2, p2 ribbing. Seems to be a better fit, I think, and when the gloves are off, they lay a little flatter than in the k2 p2 ribbing. (Flatter as in more true to their shape; the k2 p2 ribbing tends to narrow the hand a bit when they're not worn.)

Since it's Valentine's Day, in all its sappy cheesiness, I thought I'd make a cake. It's a Betty Crocker one, because I'm not one to bake, in French Vanilla with Cream Cheese flavoured icing. Not that you can tell from the darkness in the pic, but I've used purple, pink and red icing. I still manage the cliche 'I love you' in the cake's sentiment, but have a bit of fun with drawing
it out. (yay, sheep!)

My DH, as sweet as he is, bought me a few Birds of Paradise flowers, my absolute favourite. (I'm not one for roses, really.) They're quite beautiful, I think, although the packaging they came in apparently terrifies the cat.

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