Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the last of the pot holders - for now

This is the last of the pot holders for now - all the sets I wanted to/can complete, I have.

My brother's home for a few days, now - actually a week and a half, and will be leaving for work again, this time in Saskatchewan. Remember that sweater I knit for his birthay a while back? (Originally posted here.) Well, I come to find out that it's not long enough. More accurately, it's long enough according to the pattern, but he prefers something with a bit more length.

So, my fo's for the remaining few days of this month isn't going to be cotton dishlcoths, as originally planned. I've already frogged the seams, and in the process of frogging the back and front past the shoulder shaping to the torso, so I can add the needed few inches. Phew.

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