Wednesday, February 13, 2008

green spirals everywhere!

I'm up to 3 green spiral scrubbies - it's the last of it, I promise. Two have already been given homes @ my MIL's, the third one is going to be paired up with a flat dishcloth, using the rest of the green ombred yarn. (Although I've yet to decide on the pattern...)


loopy1 said...

What do you do when the pattern says "crochet the last 2 chains together" and then at the beg of Row 2/end of Row 3, it says "single crochet first/last 2 stitches together? Do you decrease?

loopy1 said...

Oh, I meant to say that I absolutely love all your work on this page. The scrubbies look terrific as well as all the dishcloths.

loopy1 said...

This pattern is confusing cause it says rows and not rounds. Plus the picture shows it as flat before it's round. Anyway I can email you or chat with you for help?