Friday, February 29, 2008

omg! it's a purple bear!

Got this pattern from here, this guy's so cute!
I actually thought that I wouldn't get around to finishing one more knit project to complete my post-every-day-during-February stint, and this guy came up during a search via ravelry.
I was also bored with ideas. I had my mound of cotton that I've powered through most of, and was exhausted at the idea of making another dishcloth. DH said he wanted a bear.
I'm still waiting for a pattern book I ordered via ebay, which has yet to arrive - and my printer's out of ink, so the pattern for this bear was easy and short enough to write out by hand.
At the end of the day I realized I didn't have batting to stuff him with. So, guess what he's filled with? Socks! That's right, socks. I've saved up a bunch of (clean) socks where I've lost the second one to, knowing one day they'd serve some sort of crafty purpose, and today they have!

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