Wednesday, September 26, 2007

yarn lot auctions for autumn clearance!

I know that I rarely, if ever, post my ebay listings in my blog, but I'm desperately need to make some room in my little itty bitty craft room/office!
There's some yarn that's been here for a while, so I've bundled everything up into boxes and made auction lots from them! They're all up on auction for at or less than what I've paid for them! (hint hint - great deal!) Bids are more than welcome! Help me clear out a box or two!

yarn lot + free acrylic or crochet cotton market bag that I've made:
mixed cotton lot + free handcrocheted acrylic bag
Get the yarn now in time to knit up for December holidays!
Starting in the new year, I'm going to be starting my own website, so that I'm a little less dependant on ebay, although I still want to support etsy. If you or anyone you know can help me out with these listings, I combine shipping and ship worldwide! I've got a great feedback rating too! It'll wonderfully help to make some room! Thanks!

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