Monday, September 3, 2007

experiments with camoflauge yarn

I figure that August/September is a good time to start knitting for winter - because it would suck being stuck in a snowstorm w/o anything hand knit to cozy in to!

I found some very soft Bernat yarn that's both thick and flecked with different sorts of camoflauge - so I started with this hat-scarf-wrist warmer set. It's a bit big on me, but I do have smaller-than-average hands and the hat can have a turn-up brim.

I stitched the whole thing in a thick-&-thin ribbing (K1, P1, K2, P1) which has become my favourite ribbing style to knit.

I'll have a few more camoflauge knits made up to put up on etsy (hopefully) in time for December holidays.

1 comment:

kathleen said...

These pieces look so warm and cozy! Great work! I finally broke the 4,000 mark on the Ravelry waiting list! So maybe soon, soon, soon.....