Thursday, September 13, 2007

about me

just posting my questionnaire info in regards to the crochet swap :
My favorite colors: I tend to lean towards greens, blues, purples - but I like any colour outside of pastels, white,& black, unless it's part of a variegation.
My hobbies: reading, watching dvds, knitting crocheting
My kitchen theme & colors: I just renovated my kitchen, but haven't yet painted the walls! But what's there is cherry cabinetry, shades-of-brown floor tiles, and mossy greens-and-browns counter - so lots of earth tones
My bathroom theme & colors: also going to be renovated - they're too white. No colour ideas yet though
My dislikes: scratchy yarn, mohair, talk shows
My crafts..what I like: knitting and crocheting pretty much anything
My allergies: aspirin - not that it has anything to do with knitting, unless you send me aspirin-coated yarn
My favorite pets: I love all pets but I currently have a cat - fortunately she doesn't shed too much. My favourite animals are sheep & lizards.
My favorite scents: lemongrass, gingerbread, apple pie, vanilla, patchouli
Other stuff about me: I've just recently fallen in love with making cotton dishcloths. As far as knitting/crocheting errata, I like anything kitchy & 'designer' about the craft, such as decorated needles & hooks as well as the light-up needles & whatever other trinkets that make my fiber arts more fun to make; knitting/crochet magazines. As far as anything pop-culture-esque, I'm addicted to all 3 CSI shows, esp. the original one, all three Law & Order's, & LOST; Alfred Hitchcock movies, the original Twilight Zone, & Cillian Murphy.

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