Monday, September 24, 2007

WIP mittens & a chocolatey care package from France!

These are my mitts-in-progress, that I'm knitting for my pal for the mitten swap 3 - I hope she likes them! I've done all this today, I should be finished them soon. The pattern's been adjusted from knitsimple magazine's Fall 2007 issue. Hopefully my swappee will enjoy them!

Speaking of swapping packages... I've received a deeeelightful care package from my parents in France! You've guessed it - A BOX FULL OF CHOCOLATE! woo hoo!
Also included in this package (although not pictured) is a wrapped gift for my brother's birthday and a wrapped gift for my husband's and my 4th wedding anniversary, which both occur this month.

But I'm quite eager about this scrumptious chocolate, to be honest! (My diet is going right out the window, but I dare not complain!) I do think it's funny, though, that my parents expect me to share this enormous box of goodies....

Oh, and my bonus treat over the weekend is that I've finally infiltrated ravelry! woo hoo! I'm in! I'll be spending the week checking it out... all I've had time to do so far is update my account. But it looks rather interesting. I do advise that if you haven't yet signed up for ravelry, despite the waiting list being long, please do so!

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Dandy said...

your mitts look awsome!!!

I also LOVE the crochet hooks below....