Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thanks for Submitting!

Alright, yarnheads, the swap sign up is officially closed - thanks to all who've submitted their info and have taken the time to answer the questionnaire. Your respective partners will be asigned soon, and we'll get this swap in gear!

This is the very first swap I've ever organized, so fingers crossed, this ought to be fun and hopefully a success! I plan to do another swap later this summer, I'm thinking something in the theme of socks, but not definately sure yet. Keep yourselves checking my blog every few weeks to see what's going on...


Ann K. said...

Awww.. it's too bad I missed out on your exchange.. looks like a fun one! Where I'm at, it's still Sat., June 16th...Oh well.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

knitphomaniac said...

If it's still saturday where you are, hurry up and sign up! I'll wait until the end of the weekend to accept submissions!