Monday, June 18, 2007

DH's Socks

I've finally gotten around to knitting my DH a pair of socks, finishing them a week early for his birthday at the end of the month! They're knit with Patons Jaquard in 'Houndstooth'. Even though he wanted black socks, I just couldn't commit myself from buying ever-so-boring-flat-black yarn, so the silvery white specks in this made them turn out quite nice!

The pattern I used is from here, and the (I think) clever coat hanger sock blockers I found here. (The coat hanger ones will serve good purpose until I can afford to spend $ on some nice wooden ones from ebay!)

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gypsyknits said...

Oh I like the socks. You're right black is boring. Why is that men are afraid of color? I have two sons and the DH who ask for knitted items and they always want them in black or brown. They consider navy to be a color and will occasionally give in to my whim of color. But your knitting is beautiful. keep on knittin'