Sunday, January 4, 2009

since I'm on a handspun-yarn kick...

... I thought I'd rummage through flickr again to select a few great photos of great projects.

The first pic I found was of these fantastic fingerless mitts and the ball of yarn it came from - great colours, some of my favourite, and spun into a really great colourway, to make these great mitts. Fingerless mittens, in my book, are simply the best project to both make and wear. Nice job! :)

Then there's this yarn called 'Baked Alaska' - which is just a stellar colourway. And nicely photographed too; print-and-frame worthy in my opinion. Another frame-worthy pic for a good wall hanging, imo, is this fantasticly coloured pic of fun coloured yarns!

Now, I just love green. Granted that my favourite colour changes daily, what's been mostly consistant is green, in any shade and form. So when I found this pic of wonderful handspun called The Dryads, I was almost beside myself. A good inspiration for future dyed wool.

I kind of freak out when I'm spinning my yarn, that the thread itself isn't consistant. I get thick and thin chunks all over the place, despite my best efforts. I suppose it's what makes handspun yarn unique, but a part of me gets frustrated when I do it to my own work. But when I see a beautiful yarn like this in all its fantastic texture, I don't nearly feel as bad! I love it, despite the fact that pink may not be my most favourite colour; the texture nonetheless looks fantastic as it is!

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