Friday, January 9, 2009

oh, so tired

The night before last, I stayed up all night, deciding to both knit and design my own knit teddy bear from some red heart super saver yarn I have laying around.

Despite not completing it yet, as I have other WIP's that keep me on the go during the day, I've got at least the arms, torso, legs and tail knit and assembled. What to do with designing the head, I've no idea.

As this is my first attempt at designing a toy, I really want to get it at least 90% good on my first try, rather than looking at it and thinking "Wow, this whole thing is a disaster."

I suppose the point of today's blog post is that, since I pulled that all-nighter, I'm still recovering because I'm very sleepy today.

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Ceci said...

Can't wait for pics of the teddy bear. :D Also, thanks for the Jan 4th post with all the handspun links... I was droolin' big time!