Thursday, January 29, 2009

bearly here

I have a cold. I've had it for almost a week. It's not going away.

Luckily, it's contained just in my sinuses, and hasn't gotten worse... yet. Although with me, colds have a habit of getting worse before getting better. Maybe I'll luck out, and it won't be the case. I've been living on Halls and Neo Citron for the last few days, and today I stocked up on chicken soup to hopefully help me get better.

But, because of my cold, I've missed my knitting group last Tuesday, and a trip to Costco on my uncle's membership today. Bleh. Of all the weeks to get sick.

I'm also having a little bad luck in one of my knitting designs, despite being totally inspired. I've come up with - what I think is - a great knitting pattern for a teddy bear. But, I need those plastic eyes to go on it. Do you think I can find eyes anywhere? No, of course not, that'd be too easy.

I remember, when I was working at Lewiscraft once upon a time, there was a whole section of them at the store. Now, irrigardless of where I go, all I can find is googley eyes. Michael's, Walmart, and Zellers have been no help. I've tried 3 dollar stores as well, with no luck either. So, I have to rely on ebay to help me out. I've found a few people who are selling eyes - even those plastic bear noses! - with the backings I need to keep them steady from the inside of the fabric. But the auctions don't end for at least a week, and then who knows how much longer before they arrive by mail.

I really need to put these eyes and noses in place before stuffing and stitching up the head, so in the meantime, I'm at a standstill. Oh well.

Maybe the extra week or so will allow me to focus on some other projects - but I so desperately want to finish this one! :(

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