Wednesday, August 1, 2007

stitch markers + sock themed swap poll announcement

Firstly, I just wanted to brag about these stitch markers. I had made them for a Punk Rock Gift Exchange, and had meant to take a pic of them before sending them off, and didn't. I was lucky that my swappee did so, so I borrowed the picture from her. So there. I brag. This is the sound of me - once again - tooting my own horn.
Secondly: I'm thinking of doing a sock-themed swap of some sort. I haven't exactly decided on the swap's content yet, which is why I have a poll in my blog's sidebar. You can vote for more than one thing, or email me an idea. I'm keeping this poll up 'till the end of the month, to hopefully have a sock themed swap organized for September/autumn. Get that swap in and done long before December holidays roll around. Voting doesn't seal your commitment to the swap, it's just there to help inspire me, that's all.
Keep your eyes peeled for September-esque postings of a sock-knitters-themed swap.

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