Monday, August 20, 2007

a few ironic signs

I haven't blogged much in the last week or so because DH and I took a road trip from Mississauga, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta.

On our travelling, though, we did find these two odd signs... The first, on a Super 8 motel:
This second one's a bit hard to read, but the sign reads "Trucks Trailers Keep Out Private Property" etc with a truck parked directly behind it.
:) I'll post some road trip signs later on, but I thought these two pictures were somewhat blog worthy.


Crochetoholic Debb said...

how funny..Loved the signs.. We too just got home from 2 weeks vacation...didn't see any signs like you, but did get a shot of a cool barn that I will post once I get the picture on my puter... Great post...

Steph said...

Oh my... the Super 8 sign is too funny. I laughed out loud.