Saturday, August 25, 2007

a blanket from 8 inch squares

Well, DH and I in Wasaga Beach this week, on vacation, housesitting for the inlaws while they're in Newfoundland. Yesterday we spent absolutely vegging - and snuggling under a big blue ombre-varigated blanket I crocheted.

That blanket reminded me - for some reason - of when I was still working @ Lewiscraft. Every autumn, Lewiscraft and the Salvation Army collected handknits for Knit for Kids, which were donated to people who needed warm clothes. I realized how much I missed knitting for that.

So, long story short, I've decided to reach out to my fellow bloggers and try and co-ordinate some sort of knitting/crocheting themed charity thing.

What I'm thinking and looking for is this: Go through your scraps of yarn. Those partial & leftover balls of whatever. Stitch them together to create an 8 inch (20cm) square. It doesn't matter if it's knit or crocheted, nor does it matter the sort of yarn that you use. Or colours. Or pattern. Or combinations thereof. As long as your squares measure 8"x8". Once you have at least one or two done, email me at purplespirit1{at}hotmail{dot}com - titled Blanket Squares - and I'll send you my mailing info.

Once I receive your squares, they'll be stitched together to make a blanket Be sure to include in your envelope your blog info so I can give credit to all the bloggers who have contributed to each blanket made. I'll also keep posting as to where each blanket has been donated to.

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