Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yarn Karma - paying it forward

I've recently come across some very generous knitters on ravelry - there's a huge community of knitters and crocheters there that swap yarns and knitting supplies, and some are generous enough to send yarn or supplies one way w/o charging for them or for shipping.

Due to this, I've built a good collection of yarns and supplies. Most of which I was able to use for some design ideas I've had in mind and some other projects. Unfortunately, there was a stash of yarns I couldn't find a use for.

My neighbor is a high school teacher in Toronto, and we got to talking today on how there's a knitting club at the school he teaches. A knitting club! How lucky! I asked him if they could use yarn, and he said absolutely!

An hour later I showed up @ his place with a large Ikea bag full of the yarns I can't use - some were yarns shipped to me, others were yarn from my own personal stash - for this knitting club. He was so happy, and commented on how a lot of students are shying away from the group - despite the group being relatively new - because of the cost of yarn. Hopefully this bag of yarn will get a generation of knitters more enthoused about their projects!

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