Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mississauga mention on Regis and Kelly Live

This morning I was watching Regis and Kelly Live as I was knitting, and Regis mentioned that he was making another trip to Canada, visiting my hometown of Mississauga to attend and I guess talk at a ceremony comemorating our mayor, Hazel McCallion. Kinda neat to have Mississauga mentioned like that on tv! Neat.

Just putting it out there, is all.


gg said...

How funny! I just happened to be watching this morning too! AND I just happened to be raised out in Mississauga and I was SO excited to hear Regis talk about Mississauga and brag about Hazel!
My parents just moved, bu we lived at Mississauga Rd. and Eglinton for 18 years. Where were you?

knitphomaniac said...

I live in Clarkson, Winston Churchill and Truscott area.