Sunday, November 2, 2008

less than 2 months until Christmas...

I've done things a little backwards this year.

I've knit for the wrong family first.

I know this sounds bizarre, but let me explain: My parents live in France, my inlaws all live here. My husband, brother and I normally put together a care package to send to France with gifts for Christmas, something for each of my parents and my maternal grandmother; this care package needs to be mailed before December 1st to get there on time for the holidays. I haven't knit for any of them yet.

But, with the exception of my FIL, I've knit for my entire DH's side of the family.

I should've procrastinated with my inlaws, and knit for my parents first. Because now, I'm scrambling. I haven't even bought gifts yet, but my brother's coming home (from being overseas @ work) mid-November, so he'll help shop for my Dad at least. I've bought something for my grandmother, but not for my mom yet either.

Now, knittingwise, I'm planning to make the same scarf I knit for my SIL (posted here) for my grandmother, but using some nice fingering weight handspun I bought on etsy; these Dashing gloves for my dad and these Fetching gloves for my mom, with some yarn that I bought over at The Wool Bin store in Oakville yesterday. Hopefully these 3 projects shouldn't take me more than a couple weeks to complete!

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