Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama is President

Minutes ago, his acceptance speech hit the airwaves in Chicago.

I never thought I'd feel the sense of joy that I do over a non-Canadian election, but remembering my frustration as Bush got elected not only once, but twice, into office, I was almost in knots to think that the Republicans would somehow weasel their way back into the White House again.

When I first heard that CNN thought Obama would likely win office - dare I say it, I almost felt... emotional.

I - as most others, not only in the US but worldwide - realize that this is a huge step forward for not only my American neighbours, but for the world around us.

There is hope. Things will change. Sometimes, the right guy wins.

I've so many things running through my head right now, so many... feelings. I've no idea how to put them into words. This is not a political blog, nor am I one to normally comment on politics as a whole, so this faults my putting my sentiments here properly.

His campaign slogan, I think, best sums it up for us all: Yes We Can. Here's hoping he can.

Things can only go up from here.

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KnittySue said...

Thanks for sharing..I'm your neighbor in Michigan and I can't even explain the overwhelming sence of pride I have in my country right now. We put our foot down, more came to vote than ever and we made history with our choice of character over color.
Thank you for letting us know how the rest of the world feels.
BTW I'm bookmarking your blog to mine ...I want to come back to visit.