Monday, July 14, 2008

untraditional baby blankets

A few days ago I found out that a friend of my DH and I - the best man at our wedding, and his wife - are expecting a baby in January! Since he's such a comic book fan, I instantly thought to incorporate this Superman chart into a baby blanket. Why? Well, there's a scene in Kill Bill 2, at the end, where David Caradine's character tells a little tale of Superman, and how his cape was made from his baby blanket. Hence, a baby blanket with the Superman logo I think would make an ideal baby blanket!

I knit it originally, starting a couple days ago, but I completely miscalculated the guage, and I knit 4 inches of moss stitch for nothing. So, I frogged it, and started again with the proper cast on stitches, and crochet this time. This is what I have so far:

I really hope this turns out - I'm making the whole thing in double crochet! Hopefully it'll be a quick enough project! (I just hate the fact that I wasted 2 days knitting that effin' moss stitch! Argh!)

Yes, I know - not only am I using acrylic, but red heart of all things. But the problem is that traditional baby yarns that I've found do not come in the colours I need, only pastels, so this is the best I can do! And besides, acrylic is easy enough to maintain!

ETA: this link identifies that Superman's cape was made from his baby blankets, rather than the cape being the blanket itself. The original baby blankets were knit, by Ma Kent, using "ordinary knitting needles" - as opposed to what, dare I ask? Some sort of mysterious Kryptonian knitting mechanism? (I need to look into my comic-book-geekery-knitting-referance manual on that one...)

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