Friday, July 25, 2008

it's about damn time!

Finally finished my Superman baby blanket! It's all double crochet, 113 dc across, making it approx 34" wide, 33.75" tall. It's all made from Red Heart Super Saver - nearly 3 skeins of blue, a little bit of black, cornmeal (yellow) and cherry red (red). Great way to use up my scraps of black, red, and yellow. Hopefully my friends will appreciate it!


rich84 said...

I'm only your Dad, but I think it's nice.

sukigirl said...

LOL! You have a cute dad!
I happen to think it is cute too.
I'm sure your friends will love it!
I have never used double crochet to make an imaged blanket (my only 2 afghans were south park ones in tunisian crochet). I've always wondered which way would be faster.
I know that I was sick and tired of mine by the time I finished them.