Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Phew! Canada Day! Yay!

Weatherwise, it'll be a great day for bbq! It's weird having a Tuesday as a day off, but it does break up the work week a bit.

This past weekend, DH and I went up to my in-law's for the weeekend to celebrate the two June birthdays - my FIL and DH, whose birthdays are on the 10th and 28th respectively. So that was fun, and despite a little tiny downpour, the weather was great!

My MIL also just came back on the 17th from Northern Ireland - where most of her family lives and is from (as is my FIL's, but he stayed home because he's not much of a flyer) and look at some of the things she brought us back:
- super big chocolates! (250g & 400g!) These are huge! And for some reason, the Cadbury chocolates taste totally different and much more decadent from over there! I hate to say it, but they're already gone, but they were sooooo good!

Also, I've been looking for some real Aran sweater patterns, but having a hard time coming across any - so my MIL picked one up for me while she was there! She also found these two HUGE balls of yarn for me to knit them with, which is enough to knit one sweater! (Totaly blows my mind! They're huge!) So, I'll knit a sweater for my DH, who's been itching for a nice textured sweater ever since I knit that cabled sweater for my brother a year or so ago. He wanted a good cabled or textured sweater, but since the sweater I knit for my brother was made with Lionbrand's wool ease thick n quick, which is a super bulky yarn, it was too thick for DH's taste - but this yarn is really ideal.

Woo hoo! Such treats... People can gift me yarn and chocolate any time!

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