Saturday, April 19, 2008

flippin' sushi boxes

A couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon this fantastic craft on craftster, where someone made sushi roll cupcakes (which is unbelievably clever).

Since my mom's coming here for a few weeks in May/June, and she loves sushi, I thought that this may be a really fun craft for the two of us to do together one day. I've got pretty much everything, except for those bento boxes that the sushi's displayed in.

So, I scoured google, yahoo search, ebay, dollar stores, Costco, Sam's Club, everything - with no luck. Absolutely none.

I finally came across a place that sells them in the US - and better yet ships to Canada (few places do, I've no idea why) and for the last week we've been exchanging emails regarding different box sizes, payment methods (they took paypal! woo hoo!), shipping costs, minimal order, etc.

Finally got ready to order, and I get an email early this morning that they don't sell retail! Didn't they know this a week ago?!?!? What the hell!

So, a week was wasted, unfortunately. Since I'm on a bit of a time restraint, and I need to receive this boxes before my mom gets here, I was a bit ticked off that I was mislead. But, I have to admit that the woman who was emailing me was kind enough to direct me to a link to a place in California who sells the same size box that I was interested in. The cost for the items is a bit more (I have to order the box and lid seperately; the first company sold them together) plus, I find out when I'm checking out of this place, the two options to fillout my address is to fill out a US address or Europe. Considering that I live in neither, I'm having a hard time checking out my order.


They're only open weekdays, so I sent them an email, explaining to them my time restraint and frustration of finding these boxes, so hopefully I'll be contacted Monday so I can place an order.

Phew. So, starting the weekend off on not a good foot. This always happens to me: I find a craft that I'm dying to make, and there's that one little peice that I struggle to find. Just one.

My other option, I think, and this is worst-comes-to-worst, is that between now and mid-May, we just consume a whole lot of sushi from the grocery store and wash those trays out really really well before filling them up with cupcakes. But, since my husband and brother aren't huge fans of sushi, this is a lot of sushi for me to eat in the meantime. I'd rather go with unused boxes, but we'll see what comes of the next week.

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