Thursday, December 6, 2007

Help Make Blankets AND Win Stuff 2008!

I have this originall posted here, for the sake of reference. Be sure to email me at purplespirit1{at}hotmail{dot}com with email titled '8 inch squares' or 'charity blanket' for my mailing information so you can send the squares. I'm now accepting squares measuring 8 through 10 inches.

I'm still looking for knit or crochet squares. I have started a few blankets, although they need to be finished. I'm trying to peice together same- or similar-coloured squares to have matching blankets, so more squares are needed.

These completed blankets are going to be donated to local shelters in the Toronto area. I'm also planning some road trips to visit friends in Edmonton, Alberta and Kelowna B.C. some time in the future, so some completed blankets will be taken with me on these trips and donated to local shelters in those towns as well.
Contest: Every 3 months in 2008 (March, June, September, & December) I'll do a random draw for people who've sent me 5 squares in the same envelope. That person will win a knitting-or-crocheting themed prize valued at around $20. Every 5 squares that you include in your envelope will add your name again into the draw. (So, if you send 25 squares, you'll get your name in the draw 5 times for that 3 month period.) If you want your name re-entered in the next 3 month draw, send another 5 squares. Be sure to include your name, email, blog address, and full address so I can send your prize, if you win. At the end of the year, I'll include everyone's name who has not won that year but has sent their minimum 5 squares for a second prize, valued at around $15. (I haven't decided yet what the prizes will be, but I promise it'll be good and knitting or crocheted themed.)
Warmth is needed. Every knitter and crocheter has scraps. There's that one pestering ball of yarn that you just don't know what to do with. Those can be made into squares. Please destash your scraps, combine 2 or 3 colours or different yarns together to make ecclectic squares.
The type of yarn(s) you use is not important. Neither is/are the colour(s). Nor the tension. I don't care if it's sock yarn or the bulkiest chunkiest yarn in your stash, or anything in between, it can be made into a square.
Basic knit square pattern: Check your yarn's knit gauge over 4". Using recommended needles, double it so you're knitting across 8". Stockinette stitch the whole square or knit every row until you've reached 8" long, then cast off.
Recommended 8" Square Patterns, Knit or Crochet
(although feel free to use your own too!)
arches 8", crochet
circle of friends 8", crochet
stained glass 8", crochet - great if you've got variegated yarn
circle in a square make the 8" version, crochet
daisy in a square also 8", crochet
Again, feel free to make the design you wish. I just put these in as easy-access links to this partigular blog. Prizes will be distributed as long as I get a minimum of 2 people sending me 5 squares before end of march, june, september and december of '08, starting today. So get stitching. Post your questions and comments below. Extra scraps you have beyond this that are sent will help stitch squares together.


LadyLungDoc said...

If you are going to Kelowna, you should get in touch with The Art Of Yarn - some of their knitters might made up some squares for you.

Ilix said...

Hey there, I posted a message on Ravelry too... I will be doing my best to give you a hand. I also may be able to get a few other hands involved too. I will keep you posted!