Thursday, January 25, 2007

what NOT to knit or crochet

I've been hooked (*smirk*) on these two sites the last couple of days, accidentally stumbling on them as I was looking for a couple of particular patterns. Even though I agree with some of the monstrosities that have been made and posted, I'm sad to see that there are a few great things there too.

That being said, it must mean one of two things: a) I've bad taste, or b) I'm just being defiant.

Probably a combination of both, although the latter is more likely!

But it got me thinking. With all the things that I've made and given as gifts or worn myself, could any of these things have made it on their lists? I admit, I've spent the better part of my life with a poor sense of style, which mainly came from the fact that I could never afford anything trendy, but has that poor sense oozed into my twenties, and into my knitting?

Am I overdoubting myself?

Ah, who knows for sure. Nonetheless, these two sites have inspired me to find more creative patterns. And yes, I do think that knit Footsie Pillow or crochet Cornecopia are simply kick-ass, and despite how much the bloggers of these sites may dislike all the knit patterns that are posted, at least have the courtesy to tag the pattern to go along with them.

Don't knock kitch. One day it'll grow on you, and those matching camoflauge sweaters and crochet broom covers will be made for everyone on your christmas list!

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