Saturday, January 13, 2007

crochet market bags

I must admit, I adore market bags.
Very eco, very colourful, very hippie.
Crochet from varigated cotton, probably one of the easiest things to make.
How to: Single crochet a chain long enough to make the width of the bag. From there, dc along the one side of the sc chain, and then dc along the other side of the chain, then join. This forms the bottom of your bag. Dc a few rows at the bottom, to make an inch or two to make a strong base.
The pink one I made 1 dc, then 3 sc all around. The blue/green one was all sc for the body, with every 5th or so sc joined to the last row to hold it all together. Handles can be crocheted any which way.
Easy to wash, durable, unique and environmentally friendly... everyone that I've given one of these to, so far has loved them.

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