Friday, January 19, 2007

fuzzy chemo hats ~ warm, great for sensitive heads, and, obviously, fuzzy!

- When my mom found out she had breast cancer a few years ago, it was a huge shock to all of us - as I would imagine a cancer announcement would be to anyone. But to my family especially, since my mom is one of the healthiest people I know. Luckily, the cancer was removed, and after her doing all her chemo treatment, she has completely recovered from cancer and is now as healthy as ever.
- It wasn't until after her treatment was over had I learned to knit, and not until recently did I discover how to make these fuzzy chemo hats after just doing a google search for knit hats in general. I've knit up a few from some leftover fuzzy yarn I had, and sold them with much success.
- What I didn't expect was the feedback afterwards. The people who wore them - the ones who've lost all their hair due to the chemotherapy - loved them. Not simply because they're colourful and unique, but also because the soft textured yarn is easier to wear on their heads than wigs and some headscarves.
- Since then, I've always whipped up a few and posted them in my ebay store. As sad as it is that we've not yet gotten rid of cancer, at least we've got the techology to help get rid of a lot of it. And little things like a softer head-covering just makes the ride a little easier, right? if you're interested in ordering any. I currently have these and others in different colours.

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