Friday, December 1, 2006

when nothing but scraps of yarn will do....

I've always been drawn to the cooler side of the colour scale, despite how bright and colourful everything is that I have; also, whenever I had knitted any of my Christmas presents, I had always asked first and foremost for favourite colours, and I found that those on my gift list liked similar colours to myself.
And it was bound to happen, after 2+ years of knitting, I've grocery bags and baskets filled with partial balls of blues, greens and purples that are just begging to be used.
Thankfully I've finished my Christmas knitting early this year, and what I've had time to do was some knitting for myself.
This shawl was knit on 9mm knitting needles, and I started with casting on 136 stitches. First row knit, then switched to second colour. *K2tog second row, knit rest of row.* Repeat between *'s for 3 more rows, then switch to next colour. Conitue for rest of shawl.
Fringe was added with a crochet hook afterwards, nice long strands to add a little extra length and colour.
This has now become my new favourite article of clothing, it goes with everything in my closet, and I was able to reduce my yarn scraps by a grocery bag! (yay!)

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