Tuesday, May 27, 2008

turning 30 soon.... yikes!

Well, that birthday is coming up soon. The big three-oh. As of Saturday. Yeesh.

I've never really been that worried or excited about a birthday before, it's always been just-another-birthday. But, for some reason, turning 30 is just eerie.
It's funny how I didn't realize I was turning 30 until the beginning of this year - like it actually had time to sit in. Not that I forgot how old I was or anything, but it just kicked in.
I'm bouncing back and forth between two lines of thinking: a part of me is disappointed that I didn't manage to accomplish what I wanted to by this point, but a part of me also appreciates not only what I've accomplished so far, but also that my 20's will finally be done with. I'm pretty much set in my ways, I've a better perspective on adulthood, and I've got a good foundation.
But, I still feel a bit bad of not being able to follow the life plan that I once had. Things I wanted to accomplish by now, so that the things I wanted to do in my 30's could come into fruition. It's almost like I'm 10 years behind in what I've always wanted to do.
Oh well. Maybe I can just condense 20 years worth of goals within 10? That's totally possible, right? The plan just needs a bit of tweeking.
On to a new decade. Yikes. This better be a long rest-of-the-week.

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yoel said...

Happy birthday!! Think back over the past decade and realize how much you've accopmlished! And have some birthday fun and cake today!