Thursday, May 8, 2008

in excess

A top view of the 10 sets of stitch markers I finished the other day, dangling fom a stitch holder:
I also bought yarn today. I shouldn't have. But I did. I'm convinced that I need it.

I'm still in a transitional stage: I've closed my ebay store a few months ago, because I was spending more money keeping it open than what I was selling, it really wasn't worth it. Ebay fees are increasing, and IMO it's not the same site that it used to be. It's gone much too competative, and it sucks for those of us who are trying to run a business.

But anyway.

I'm still wanting to set up my own website, but as I look further into it, having my own site (like if I go through yahoo or something) I'm spending as much if not more than what ebay charges monthly. Bleh. I've managed to move a few items through etsy, but not a lot of people are familiar with it, plus everything is in US prices w/o giving the option for Canadian pricing. Tricky tricky.

I've got so much yarn that I need to sell, and I don't want to use it for personal use because it's my business's inventory. So, I'm buying yarn. At retail cost. Bleh again. But, I'm rationalizing it, because I really want to get myself more active in design, assuming I get published. I hope I do, it'd be a really great direction to get into.

But, I'll digress for today.

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