Wednesday, March 26, 2008

today is taking forever

So much going on today - but I needed to make a blog post nonetheless.

I'm currently bidding on ebay for a big lot of noro kureyon. A lot of people have been bragging about this yarn - and although I've never used it, I love the handdyed colourways that appear in the things that have been knit with them. I'm nerve wrecked because I won't find out until tomorrow if I've won the auction. My only hope is that the price doesn't go too high - because as tempted as I am to splurge on this yarn, I've my limits as to how much I want to spend per skein of yarn, and yes I also factor in shipping into the cost.

I'm also a bit neuritic about tonight - I'm meeting someone from Ravelry. Her and her husband are coming over for dinner, and it'll be the first time we meet. I already know we've a few things in common: her and I both knit, and both her and I are going through or have just completed similar home renovations. It'll hopefully be a good starting ground for the four of us to converse. I'm just always in a wreck when meeting someone new, although this is a bit exciting. I'm also nervous because I'm making chicken, and there's always a fear of serving it undercooked or too well done (burnt).

There are weird things going through my head - I must stop trying to overanalyze things! :P

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