Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm longing for spring...

There must be a t least 2 feet of snow in the back yard. Still.

Apparently, this winter we've had more snowfall than in the last 5 years. With global warming, we've been spoiled with warm winters, and I've forgotton what an actual Canadian winter feels and looks like, until this winter rolled around.

We've had at least 3 good snowfalls in the last week alone. I long for spring, especially now that it's March. The other day - I kid you not - my neighbor was using a snow blower to clear her driveway, and a part of me was wishing it was the sound of a lawn mower instead.

Last week, I called my parents, who are tragically stuck in the south of France, eating breakfast on their porch and watching the flowers and almond trees bloom. How life must suck for them. ;)

I'm off to clear the driveway. Again. Bleh.

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