Friday, January 25, 2008


I've learned, this week, that not only can I not knit lace, but lace knitting - no matter how 'easy' the pattern, is the work of the devil.

I was asked to knit a pair of wrist warmers using a very pretty lacey pattern from a knit sock pattern, and either the pattern's missing a step or else I'm all thumbs. The thumb gusset pattern on this particular wrist warmer set was also quite wrong, and have no idea how one would wear it. (Much too skinny!)

Unfortunately, I lack in lace-knitting experience to figure out what's wrong with the pattern, so I frogged it and reknit it, thinking the fault was mine. It wasn't. So, I spent twenty minutes cursing at it. That didn't fix it, so I frogged it again.

Lace is the craft version of the spawn of satan, I'm convinced of it! Never again!

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